Manager's Message

Since its inception in 2007, Neeleshwar Public School Haridwar has always endeavored to deliver the best that we can offer. Neeleshwar Public School is renowned for its ability to meet individual needs, academic achievements and fulfill potential. All students are encouraged to believe in themselves and their ability to succeed. We promote the achievement of excellence in a learning environment that is safe, caring and accepting of diversity. The school is committed to the development of lifelong learning skills that motivate and enable all students to make a positive contribution to society. Learning is designed to develop understanding and to challenge students to push the boundaries of their thinking. The students are encouraged to be creative, critical and caring thinkers.

We want them to discover a passion for learning and life. We provide an environment that encourages students to be self disciplined, to learn from their mistakes, to be willing to take risks and to value their own and others’ thinking. Specialist teaching and a broad, innovative range of subject choices ensure that each disciple’s individual strengths are fostered. Our teachers work together to provide a holistic, integrated approach to student development focusing on key competencies for learning and life. We are proud of our inclusive environment that means all students are assisted in accessing the curriculum. Neeleshwar Public School Students leave school as confident, well-rounded, independent young persons who can follow their aspirations and make the most of their opportunities in life.

At Neeleshwar Public School, our culture represents that of a large extended family. We would like to welcome you to the Neeleshwar Public School family and we are confident that we can work together to achieve your goals.

Mrs. Ritu Sharma

(Neeleshwar Public School)